~Introducing Riley~



Hi, please read my introduction blog post, as you will learn more about me and my life!

I have lived in several different countries – they include Australia, Japan and the U.K. I love all these countries but I will explain more about my experiences in all theses countries in another blog post, so stay tuned!

Learn about my interests~


I have had many interests throughout my life – some that have changed and many others that I have kept.

When I was in Year 2 to Year 4, I was in love with gymnastics and I would learn how to do tricks by myself. I am so lucky and fortunate that I did not get injured, lol😂. I am still able to do the tricks I learnt back then as they are more of the basic skills in gymnastics.

The acro skills I can do include:

  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • One-handed cartwheel
  • Round off
  • Middle splits
  • Side splits
  • Back bend kick over
  • Front walkover
  • Back walkover
  • Handstand
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Bridge
  • Split leap
  • Side leap

The jumps I can do include:

  • Straight Jump
  • Tuck Jump
  • Straddle Jump
  • Split Jump
  • Pike Jump

I have always loved athletics and still do!

In Australia, I would participate in the school’s running competions.

In Year 4, I came first in my 200-metre race and 8th in a 2-mile competion for my year group.

In my Japanese school, I was the fastest girl in my grade and was chosen to be in a running team to compete against other schools in Tokyo. Unfortunatley, I was soon moving to London and was not able to take part in the competion. It would have been a great experience.

Right now in London, I am in the schools’ athletics team. With this team, I have competed with other schools in the region and have been involved in the 200-metre race, a 2500-metre race, and a relay race. I came in 1st, 8th and 3rd place in the respective races.

On sports day at my school, I came 1st in the 800-metre race and 1st in the 200-metre race! I did athletics before the lockdown and will continue doing so after quarantine.

I was also involved in the cheerleading team at my school. We would compete against other cheerleading teams. In our first competition, we came in 1st place. This was amazing to hear as we worked very hard on the routine and had loads of fun! I have also been to more, and those competions were also a great experience.


I have loved painting and drawing from a very young age. My parents sent me to an art class once a week and I enjoyed it very much! We would have an artist to work on each term and complete artwork inspired by their work. We would paint a canvas and would create a small object as well! I attended this art class for about 3 to 4 years – it was a great activity.

My favourites~

My favourite colours💗

  • coral pink
  • pastle pink
  • light grey
  • white
  • pastel mint
  • teal
  • light blue
  • turquoise
  • lavender

My favourite animals💗

  • dolphins
  • leopards
  • lions

My favourite numbers💗

  • 1
  • 2
  • 7

My favourite book series 📚

The Land of Stories

What are words that describe me best?

  • loyal
  • kind
  • stubborn
  • active
  • flexible
  • hard-working
  • friendly
  • supportive

Thank you so much for reading my first blog💕

Love Riley xx