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This is a story about a woman who wanted to stop people from smoking on the street. You have to minutes to narrate the story.

Your story should begin with the following sentence:

One day, a woman was on her way to work.

Model Narrationー解答例

One day, a woman was on her way to work. As she was walking from the station, a man in front of her was smoking. He accidentally burned her jacket with his cigarette. The next week, the woman took part in a campaign to stop people from smoking on the street. The campaigners were asking people walking by to sign a petition to support their cause, and some people were happy to do so. Six months later, the woman was pleased to see that some workmen were making a special smoking area near the station. Also, a sign had been put up to warn people that if they smoked while walking on the street, they would be fined 1,000 yen. A few days later, however, the woman walked past the smoking area and saw a lot of smoke coming from it. Some other people walking by were coughing.

Question No. 1 ー 解答例

Please look at the fourth picture. If you were the woman, what would you be thinking?

  • I’d be thinking, “Our campaign hasn’t solved the problem. It might be better to ban smoking in all public places. Maybe I should speak to the campaign organizers again.”

Question No. 2 ー 解答例

Should more be done to warn children about the dangers of smoking?

  • I think so. Many people start smoking when they are young because their friends keep encouraging them to try it. But it’s important to tell them that smoking can cause cancer.

Question No. 3 ー 解答例

Do you think that the crime rate in Japan will increase in the future?

  • No. People are well aware of the dangers of crime, and they are involved in efforts such as volunteer patrols to prevent it. These measures should help keep the crime rate down.

Question No. 4 ー 解答例

Do you think that public opinion can influence decisions made by the government?

  • Yes. The government needs the support of the public to get re-elected, so if enough people protest against something, the government has no choice but to listen.


  • 絵を見てナレーションがスラスラ言えるように練習をしておく。
  • ニュースなどに目を通し、意見を簡潔にまとめる練習をしておく。
  • 意見を述べる際には、理由を含めてしっかり伝えられるようにしておく。




一瞬 で 惹き つける 声 を 出す方法 | Shigemitsu Hayashi | TEDxShinshuUniversity


Take care and good luck!